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Blackmagic Design Hyper Deck Shuttle 2 Ssd Video Recorder, 2. 5 Sata Ssd Drives, Hd-sdi Input And Output

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Hyper Deck Shuttle 2 Ssd Video Recorder

Blackmagic Design

ASIN: B00701AN5Y
Package Quantity: 1

Hyper Deck Shuttle 2 Ssd Video Recorder a great item made by Blackmagic Design is a good way to, flaunt simply how much of a technology nerd your are. The bar code for this item is 9338716001488. The TV to PC has got a weight of 1.8 lbs. Choosing a Hyper Deck Shuttle 2 Ssd Video Recorder, click the link below.

The Blackmagic Design Hyper Deck Shuttle 2 SSD Video Recorder records uncompressed 10-bit HD and SD video as Quick Time files from any SDI- or HDMI-enabled camcorder. Whatever the application, capturing to a supremely portable device with interchangeable media (which, with each succeeding generation, will grow in capacity as prices drop) is concerning a single particular of the most elegant solution imaginable for recording uncompressed 4:2:2 HD video. Sometimes, however, capacity is an concern and Hyper Deck Shuttle 2 delivers the option of recording high-bit-rate compressed files. Simply by bypassing the camera's compression, this allows you to get the highest-quality output attainable from camcorders that typically record video as highly compressed HDV, AVCHD, or yet another similar codec. Perhaps you're shooting against a green screen and you'll need to become inside a position to pull the cleanest key feasible in post, or you're capturing background plates for special effects. This updated version of the original Hyper Deck Shuttle also records Avid's DNx HD 220x 10-bit codec. The very compact recorder accepts a 2. Ready for the Media Composer timeline With its uncompressed recording capability, Hyper Deck Shuttle 2 shines on those projects for which even high-bit-rate Pro Res and DNx HD codecs are too compressed for your wants. 5"SATA solid state drive (sold separately) for data storage. For Avid users, it doesn't get a lot a lot more convenient than capturing 10-bit video because the extremely high-quality DNx HD 220x codec.


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