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Selected Win TV-HVR-1950 Usb Tv Tuner By Hauppauge Computer Works

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Selected Win TVHVR1950 Usb Tv Tuner

At Hauppauge Computer Works

Model: 1192
UPS: 763615879286
Package Quantity: 1

Looking for a new TV adaptor? Examine the Selected Win TV-HVR-1950 manufactured by At Hauppauge Computer Works! It weighs close to 1.85 lbs. The barcode for this is 0763615879286. Anytime you are picking out a TV adaptor, pick an appropriate guarantee. These include a typical warranty, whether it be a month or perhaps an full 12 months. A little investigation should go far and with this it's possible to with certainty choose the things which you prefer as well as need. How to buy a Selected Win TV-HVR-1950.

At Hauppauge Computer Works they are committed to supply the consumer with the highest and best quality when it comes to items like this Exclusive Win TV-HVR-1950 USB TV Tuner By Hauppauge Computer Works. Includes remote control, IR blaster and FM Stereo Radio. Watch HD Television programs from ATSC or clear QAM digital cable. Watch, pause and record television on a desktop or laptop laptop or computer. Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, XP Pro and XP Media Center Edition with Service Pack 2. Built in Hardware MPEG-2. The Win TV-HVR-1950 is an external USB Television tuner for NTSC, ATSC and clear QAM digital TV. By selecting Hauppauge Computer Works Win TV-HVR-1950 USB Television Tuner - we know you chose right, simply because at Hauppauge Computer Works they are dedicated to meet consumers' satisfaction.


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