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Hauppauge Win TV-HVR-1600 Internal Pci Dual Tv Tuner/video Recorder 1387

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Win TVHVR1600 Internal Pci Dual Tv


Model: 1387
UPS: 785428013879
Color: Green
Package Quantity: 1

a Win TV-HVR-1600 Internal in green may make your system look new. These TV adaptors comes in green. There's no doubt that you will love that the TV to PC features this feature of pci card with dual tv tuners to let you watch both digital and analog television on your computer. Other highlights include things like includes antenna and driver cd and microsoft media center compatible. It's 7" Height x 3" Length x 10" Width and weighs roughly 0.5 lbs. The video adaptor comes with a warranty of one year from Hauppauge. To ensure that your transaction goes well and everyone comes out satisfied, I'll provide you some tips before you buy this video adaptor. Which means you are not let down after purchasing it and in accordance with the product you need. You can also get price comparisons from dealers that I found, to ensure you really get the best value at the moment with this fantastic item. Selecting a green Hauppauge Win TV-HVR-1600 Internal Pci Dual Tv Tuner/video Recorder 1387, visit the weblink below.

The Win TV-HVR-1600 MC may be a Television tuner with both analog and high definition digital ATSC PCI TV tuner for Media Center PCs. Microsoft Media Center compatible. With Media Center, you can watch an analog Television channel while recording hi-def digital TV from another channel! Includes antenna and driver CD. On a single complete height PCI board, Win TV-HVR-1600 has a single tuner with analog NTSC and ATSC digital Television.


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